New Taipei City|Conference Travel|

The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort

In the embrace of the resort, you can witness the miracle of natural life, experience the beauty of hot springs, dance with squirrels jumping in the woods, singing birds with joy, and funny and cute frogs. We look forward to you becoming comfortable, happy and like a Like a child, I believe it can bring you infinite surprise and joy!

Yilan|Conference Travel|

Hotel Royal Chiaohsi

Only a 50-minute drive from Taipei, you can reach the Royal Jiaoxi Hotel in the Wufengchi Scenic Area. Experience the relaxing and healing “Beauty Soup” with minimalist style, Zen style, and exclusive views of the mountains and the Lanyang Plain. In the hot springs, taste the delicious dishes of Yilan kitchen where local hot spring fruits and vegetables and fresh seafood are caught.

Yilan|Conference Travel|

RSL Cold & Hot Springs Resort Suao Yilan

The only five-week resort hotel in the country with both cold springs and hot springs. It enjoys year-round constant temperature Suao cold springs and rare sodium bicarbonate hot springs. It plans a total of 18 outdoor hot and cold spring areas, landscape naked hot springs, and parent-child spas based on hydrophilicity. District restaurant with 3 unique restaurants and bars.

Yilan|Conference Travel|

Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)

Located in the downtown area of Jiaoxi, adjacent to the Happy Horse Road and Jiaoxi Park, it has 231 rooms carefully designed by famous artists, natural and rustic, Eurasian style luxury hot spring suites, Zen style, Japanese style and other 6 styles of comfortable hot spring suites, rich and diverse The way of soaking in the bath relaxes the different experiences of body and mind.

Hualien|Conference Travel|

Far Glory Hotel Hualien 

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, with a vast view, Victorian landscaping facilities tower over the northern end of the Coastal Mountains. The azure blue Pacific of Yuelai will be readily available at your fingertips. To the east is the blue Pacific, to the north is the bustling Hualien City, to the west is the green Taroko Rift Valley, and to the south you can see the beautiful eastern coastline and ocean park.

Hualien|Conference Travel|

Promised Land Resort & Lagoon

Selected as the only “world’s top 100 resort hotel” in Taiwan. A cultural recreation site built on the canal. The Spanish Gaudian architecture completely surrounds the canal network, allowing you to feel more beautiful in the rich cultural atmosphere of logs, wrought iron, bronze, slate, and ceramic tiles. Life things.

Hualien|Conference Travel|

Silks Place Taroko

With a proud posture, it is a mountain-type international five-star resort hotel located in Hualien Taroko National Park. With the Wuxi River running through it, the beautiful mountain scenery is the natural artwork. When you visit in any season, Taroko has different scenery. Rest in the comfortable space of the hotel, facing the canyon, watching the mountains, listening to the stream concerto, and let the energy Transformation and sublimation in the Millennium Canyon, freely enjoy the freshness and warmth from the echoes of Taroko.

Miaoli|Conference Travel|

Papawaqa Onsen

A stylish resort club that combines forests, hot springs, architecture and humanities. It is located beside Wenshui Creek in Tai’an Bridge, Tai’an Hot Spring Scenic Area. The surrounding scenery is pleasing to the eye. The mountains on both sides are tall and straight, and the green mountains and waters are beautiful.

Taichung|Conference Travel|

Freshfields Hotel Taichung

Qingxin Hot Spring is the only five-star hot spring resort hotel in the central region. On Dadu Mountain, the landscape is vast and overlooks the central region. During the day, you can enjoy food in the mountains and forests, watching the clouds and water, and the breeze is always blowing. Convenient transportation, it is a 10-minute drive from the highway and Taichung High Speed Rail, and also provides scheduled pick-up service.

Tainan|Conference Travel|

Queena Plaza Hotel Tainan

It is located in Yongkang District, Tainan City, only 3 minutes’ drive from Yongkang Interchange. Convenient transportation is the best choice for business people and tourists. It is also the first resort hotel in New Tainan City. Combine business, leisure and other multi-functional facilities and services, elegant and comfortable guest rooms, professional service team, cordial and sincere smile, and strive to provide high-quality leisure taste. The 7,000 pings of Bali’s vibrant style garden, combined with waterfall landscaping, contemplation pavilions, tropical plants and railroad wood built a nine-curved corridor, jointly compose the original tropical charm of Bali.

Tainan|Conference Travel|

Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan)

Evergreen Hotel Tainan (Tainan) is located in the eastern district of Tainan City, which has a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere, and is close to the Tainan Cultural Center of Tainan City. It has hosted countless well-known performers and celebrities from all over the world. It is known for its exquisite cuisine and attentive service. Won the first star-rated hotel appraisal by the Tourism Bureau as a “five-star” hotel; three times won the “Excellent Service Award” of business chain hotel selected by Foresight Magazine.

Tainan|Conference Travel|

Silks Place Tainan

An international five-star business resort hotel located in West Central District, Tainan City, is a hotel under the Jinghuajing Hotel Group. It is close to Shinkong Mitsukoshi Xintiandi Department Store and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Xiaoximen shopping district, within walking distance to the historical sites and attractions in the city, with rich historical collections, cultural features, and perfect commercial functions. It takes 30 minutes to drive to Tainan High Speed Rail Station and Tainan Science The park, with convenient transportation, has both business and leisure environment and functions.

Kenting|Conference Travel|

Caesar Park Kenting

Caesar Park Kenting is located on the Hengchun Peninsula in southern Taiwan, adjacent to Kenting National Park. With blue sky, beautiful beaches and pleasant tropical resort style, it is the first choice for leisure hotels in Kenting area. The laid-back atmosphere, friendly service staff, warm and relaxed feeling make people feel as comfortable as at home. Welcome to feel the tropical atmosphere in the south of the border and bring back beautiful memories of the blue!

Taitung|Conference Travel|

Sharaton Taitung Hotel

Friendship, enthusiasm, and simplicity of Taitung, without the neon lights of the city’s tall buildings, the dark night sky is always accompanied by the faint stars lining the scenery, the tranquility of the midnight, the fragrance of the earth and the intermittent insects, intertwined with the elegant leisure of the back mountain life. Guitian is as warm as home, the dark decoration is low-key and gorgeous, the simple and stylish room, and the soft down and comfortable velvet pillows will bring you the warmth of home.

Taitung|Conference Travel|

Papago International Resort Chishang

Located in the center of Huadong Rift Valley, adjacent to Fuli Township in Hualien County to the north, Guanshan Mountain to the south, and amidst the quiet mountain scenery, the unique geographical location allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huadong, and you can enjoy the blue sky and greenery of Huadong by just opening the window. Overflowing mountain landscape.

Nantou|Conference Travel|

Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun-Moon Lake

Away from the daily constraints, return to the embrace of nature, be amazed by the smoky clouds on the side of the lake, and fall in love with the fragrant and clear lotus. Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel welcomes the figurative lotus with clouds and presents the season of Sun Moon Lake The scenery, wash your tired soul from the city.

Nantou|Conference Travel|

Le Midi Hotel Chitou

It is the only luxurious palace-style hotel in Taiwan that is located more than 1,000 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains. Located in the cool and fragrant interlaced mountain forest, it is 400 meters in front of the entrance of Xitou Forest Recreation Area in Nantou County. It has a natural forest, bamboo sea and misty scenery, providing guests with another brand-new top leisure choice.