Picnic Day | Family Parenting

|Event Area|Yilan/Zhongli/Hualien/Tainan/Kenting

|Event Theme|Picnic Day/Family Day/Parent-Child Activities/Incentive Travel/Staff Travel/Group Travel/Domestic Travel

Hualien Hunting Skills Team Building

|Event Area|Hualien

|Event Theme|Conference Travel/Indigenous People’s Life Experience/TEAM BUILDING/Incentive Travel

Aboriginal life experience of Yilan Bulao tribe

|Event Area|Hanxi Village, Datong, Yilan

|Event Theme|Bulao Tribe

I like its millet wine the most, how can I say it!
That is, he can make five kinds of millet wine: welcome wine, pre-dinner wine, mid-dinner wine, after-dinner wine, and sparkling wine.
When the welcome wine enters the tribe, everyone will be given a skewers of meat. When the barbecued pork belly is fragrant, it doesn’t matter whether it is cooked or not, it is directly matched with the millet wine and drank it for her.
Bulao tribe is an exquisite aboriginal life experience, so much experience, it is better to have a meal over him!

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