• You know…
    Taiwan is comparable
    Is the snorkeling beauty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef?

    It only appears after the tide has receded
    Is the uninhabited island tide pool ecological?

    There is a blue cave like Capri, Italy
    Beautiful sea eclipse mysterious cave?

  • Do you remember…
    The fragrance of grass in memory
    Is it the simple feeling of dancing with nature?

    A trip

    Let you come back to my heart again
    The relaxed self

  • Hi!

    We are FUNS Travel!

  • We are a group of active people who love in-depth travel

    Would like to combine our travel experience and
    Private Attractions in Taiwan

    Share with our friends

  • We think Taiwan is beautiful

    Want to be simple
    Very complete recommendation
    For everyone

  • We feel traveling
    Just to enjoy

    Enjoy the baptism of nature
    Enjoy the touch of humanity

  • What we can give is not traditional tourism
    Travel can also be played like this

  • We tailor-made for you

    Combine expertise, knowledge, experience, creativity

    Packed into thoughtful and surprising again and again
    Travel itinerary

  • Assist the welfare committee to take care of all travel affairs
    And let the friends who participated in the event
    Find touch from the journey,
    Depressive and unforgettable memories

  • We help you plan

    Corporate Group Outing Event Planning
    Staff travel/incentive travel
    Conference travel/family day/sports meeting
    Spring Wine Ending/Poolside BBQ Music Evening
    Team Building/Off-site meeting
    Beach night cocktail party

  • Professional planning team

    Use creative itineraries, private attractions

    Activity elements, considerate service

    Create a comfortable and pleasant trip for you

  • FUNS exclusive training contract leader
    Personally lead the whole activity
    The scenic route carefully planned by the service team
    Experience the original and unrestrained gameplay

    Reserve leader and current leader
    All regularly receive training courses of unbridled planning
    Improve professional knowledge and interpretation skills
    Crisis management practices, team control capabilities, etc.

  • Interaction between colleagues

    Must be full of excitement

    We will take care of you

    The most outstanding event party

  • In everyone’s heart
    All have a story
    Beautiful story
    Moved from oneself
    Is a group who wants to help Taiwan
    The person who wrote the story
    Use travel
    Writing every story

  • Because we fell in love with the beauty of Taiwan
    So we gather together

    We want to share all the touches with you

    Write a story for Taiwan
    Beautiful story

  • Go with us
    Feel a trip of presumptuous
    You will know our unbridled style

  • Have FUNS with us!

    Just waiting for you!